Pool Season is Coming! Be Prepared & Get a Headstart


Pool Season is Coming! Be Prepared & Get a Headstart

Dear Owner / Resident, 

Pool season is on its way and the Sully Station II Management team is ready! The new pool system, implemented several seasons ago, allows us to better monitor the pool use and ensure that all of our residents and their guests have an enjoyable experience at the pool this season.  

All new owners or renters who have not received a pool pass must fill out the Facility Pass form by clicking HERE and return the form to the Onsite office. In addition, new owners and renters will need to bring legal identification and come to the office for picture (s) and card processing. New renters must also provide a copy of a current lease. Any lease that is month to month will require a from the owner of the unit to verify the lease status, verification of the current tenants and granting the tenants access to the facilities. Verification can be by either email or hard copy.  

For owners and renters who already have a facility pass, please use the instructions that follow for 2018: 


Owners who have already acquired a facility pass last year, those passes are still valid. Simply fill out the Facility Pass form by clicking HERE and return it to the Management office. We will activate the passes upon receipt of the form.  

** There is a $5 charge for all replacement cards. If your pass is broken or damaged please return it to the Onsite office to be replaced.  


Renters who have already acquired a facility pass last year and still have a valid lease on file, those passes are still valid. Simply fill out the Facility Pass form on the reverse side and return it to the Management office. We will activate the passes upon receipt of the form and verification of lease.  

** There is a $5 charge for all replacement cards. If your pass is broken or damaged please return it to the Onsite office to be replaced.  

SSIICA Highlights

Amendments to the Declaration

We Need Your Vote! Keep Monthly Payments Low!  In an effort to keep your monthly assessments low, the Board of Trustees has begun a door-to-door campaign to obtain the necessary ballots required for adoption of two proposed Amendments to our Declaration.   These Amendments are:  Use of Technology, and Purchasers of Homes/One-Time Assessment. For the Amendments to become effective, they must be voted for by 2/3 of our Members.  While we are slowly approaching the needed ballots, we are asking you to do your part and send in your ballot, if you have not already voted.

Campaigners will bring ballots to units who have not submitted a ballot. However, to preclude a knock on your door, Click Here to download a ballot, which includes the full wording of the amendments.  Complete the ballot, and take a picture or scan it and attach it to an email to: office@Sully2.com; or mail it to 5501 Sully Park Dr, Centreville, VA 20120-5426; or bring the signed ballot to the Community Center.

Members were sent a ballot package in a bright yellow envelope just after Memorial Day which included President Glenn Martin’s cover letter as well as the Ballot for your votes.

2018 Annual Operating Budget

The Sully Station II Community Association Board of Trustees has approved the 2018 Annual Operating Budget. The Board and Management have held several meetings, including a resident workshop, where each line item in the budget was discussed with the primary objective of controlling costs. The result is that the 2018 Budget requires a small increase to cover expenses not offset by ongoing cost saving activities.  To view the 2018 Budget and Assessments please log into FSRConnect.

I-66 Outside the Beltway Widening Project

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and the Express Mobility Partners (EMP) hosted a Design Public Hearing on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017 from 6:00pm to 8:30pm at the Stone Middle School Cafeteria.  Susan Shaw, VDOT Project Engineer, presented a project overview video and made a presentation providing an overview of this $3B 22.5 mile project from the Capital Beltway (I-495) to University Blvd in Gainesville.  This Multimodal project  includes:

  • Two (2) Express Lanes in each direction

  • Three (3) general purpose lanes in each direction

  • Expanded bus routes

  • Bikeway, trail, and sidewalk improvements

  • 4, 000 new Park-and-Ride spaces

  • HOV-3 and transit access to Express Lanes

  • Safety and operational improvements at key interchanges, and smoother transitions at exits.

While the entire project will not be completed until December 2022, Sully Station II residents will see benefits of the project as early as 2020 when four stop lights on the Route 28 corridor are removed.  Also, there will be an overpass connecting Braddock and Walney Roads.  Much more detail can be found on the Project’s website including the hearings material, an interactive Map (a tool which provides a visual overview of the project as a supplement to the design boards that were available during the public hearings), and much more information about the project. To provide comment use the comment sheet.  Deadline for public comment is November 29, 2017.

Fairfax County Sully Ponds Retro-fit Project

Fairfax County will be retrofitting a couple of the Sully retention ponds.  They held a meeting on June 26, 2017 at  Deer Park Elementary School.  Here is the presentation they presented.  For location details click here.

As part of this project, Fairfax County Stormwater Planning Division informed us on November 3rd that in a couple weeks survey and geotechnical crews must return to the community to collect additional data from the retention ponds. The crews performing the task will be representing Engineering Consulting Services, LLC (ECS) and Connelly & Associates Drilling Services. Field work is planned for two (2) days between 7 am and 9 pm.  See the Stormwater Planning Division Letter to affected residents here.

Coming Developments near SSIICA

Heard about the new Wegmans, Lidl, or the Preserve at Westfields developments? Seen the development of the new Exxon gas station in the Sully Station Shopping Center near the US Post Office?  You might want to check this development information out.

 SSIICA 2018 Meeting Schedules

For the Board of Trustees and Architectural Review Board (ARB) 2017 Meeting Schedules, click here.