Upcoming meetings/events

November 9, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. – ARB Meeting that will be held virtually

November 10, 2020 at 7 p.m. – Activities Committee Meeting that will be held virtually

November 19, 2020 at 7 p.m. – Board of Trustees Meeting that will be held virtually

Information to access virtual meetings is available on the Connect Resident Portal (https://SullyStationII.connectresident.com) under the Community Calendar.

The onsite management office will have limited hours the week of 11/23 – 11/27 in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Monday 11/23 – 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Tuesday 11/24 – 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Wednesday 11/25 – 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Thursday and Friday 11/26 to 11/27 – CLOSED

If you need assistance during the holidays, please contact our 24/7 Customer Care Center at 703.385.1133.

SSIICA Halloween Decorating Contest Results

We hope everyone had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

A HUGE thank you you to everyone who participated in our Halloween Decorating Contest; from the homes that decorated to the community members that voted, you really showed your community spirit!

The 2020 SSIICA Halloween Decorating Contest winners are:


1ST place ($200 gift card) – 14723 Beaumeadow Court

2nd place ($150 gift card) – 14602 Croatan Drive

3rd place ($100 git card) – TIE between 5531 Sully Lake Drive and 14721 Winterfield Court

Single Family Homes:

1st place ($200 gift card) – 5626 Schoolfield Court

2nd place ($150 gift card) – 14803 Hartlaub Court

3rd place ($100 gift card) – 5870 Linden Creek Court


2021 Sully Station II Community Association Annual Operating Budget

The Sully Station II Community Association Board of Trustees has approved the 2021 Annual Operating Budget.  The result is that the 2021 Budget requires a small increase for Townhomes and Estates owners to cover expenses not offset by ongoing cost saving activities.

SSIICA 2021 Budget Cover Letter

Click here to view the 2021 assessment amounts

FirstService Residential will be ordering the Assessment coupon books for each Member of the Association unless you are already enrolled in direct debit through ClickPay.  Coupon books should be received by Members before the end of December 2020.  When your coupon book arrives, please review it for accuracy.

For owners interested in automatic payments, please visit www.ClickPay.com/FirstService.  If you are already enrolled in automatic payments through ClickPay, the monthly amount of your assessment should update automatically. If you use any automated payment other than ClickPay, please ensure the monthly amount of your assessment is updated.

Cub Scout Pack 1862 and Boy Scout Troop 1995 - Scouting for Food - November 7, 2020

Cub Scout Pack 1862 and Boy Scout Troop 1995 are Scouting for Food and they will be at the SSIICA Community Center on Saturday, November 7th, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Their mission is to collect non-perishable food items on behalf of Western Fairfax Christian Ministries Food Pantry (www.wfcmva.org), which provides assistance to families right here in our community, regardless of religion. The food we collect will fill the food pantry shelves for 5-6 months.

Please Click Here for more information on how you you can participate and donate!

At the October 22, 2020 Sully Station II Community Association (SSIICA) Board of Trustees meeting, the Board approved changes to Policy Resolution No. 14, Enforcement Policy and Procedures. 

Policy Resolution No. 14 provides procedures relating to enforcement of the Governing Documents, to include the Founding Documents and Rules and Regulations of the Association. The revision provides a more thorough enforcement process and addresses repeat violations and emergency procedures. The revision also specifies the type of notices to be sent, how the notices are to be sent, and the number of days for correction. 

The revised Policy Resolution will be effective on November 9, 2020. 

The current policy, and the revised policy that is effective on November 9, 2020, can be found as attachments below and on FSRConnect at https://sullystationii.connectresident.com/.

Please contact Management at office@sully2.com should you have any questions.

Revised Policy Resolution No. 14

Current Policy Resolution No. 14

2020 Board of Trustees Election results


The following association members were elected to serve on the Board of Trustees at the September 24, 2020 SSIICA Annual Meeting:

Edvin Gusinac – elected for a 2 year term
Karen Hogan – elected for a 2 year term
Glenn Martin – elected for a 2 year term
Bill Perry – elected for a 2 year team

At the October 15, 2020 Special Board of Trustees Meeting, Adrian Isaicu was appointed to serve on the Sully Station II Community Association Board of Trustees, filling the vacant position until the 2021 election that will be held on September 23, 2021.

Organization of the Board of Trustees following the October 15th, 2020 Special Board of Trustees Meeting:

President – Karen Hogan
Vice President – Patrick Morris
Secretary – Edvin Gusinac
Treasurer – Glenn Martin
Trustees: Lisa Forester, Adrian Isaicu and Bill Perry

We look forward to another successful year!


In case you missed the virtual meeting here is the SSIICA 2020 Annual Meeting Presentation!

Policy Resolution No. 16, 2018 Architectural Design Guidelines and Standards, Revision to Exhibit 1

At the April 23, 2020 Sully Station II Community Association (SSIICA) Board of Trustees meeting, the Board approved to revise Exhibit 1 to Policy Resolution No. 16, 2018 Architectural Design Guidelines and Standards, to include an  accelerated timeline to enforce lawn maintenance and trash violations and two previous Board-approved motions regarding windows and doors.

The accelerated timeline change to enforce lawn maintenance and trash violations is as follows:

For lawns that are not mowed to maintain the height of grass below 6” and for Trash Containers that are not properly stored, the following enforcement timeline shall be used:

1. An initial written notification of non-compliance shall be sent to the Owner via First Class mail and shall require that the violation be rectified within 10 days from the date of the notice.
2. If the violation is not rectified within 10 days from the date of the initial written notice, Management shall call the Owner to a formal hearing before the Board of Trustees (BOT) via First Class mail and certified mail pursuant to the notification requirements set forth by the Virginia Property Owners Association Act.
3. As a result of this hearing, the BOT may vote to take appropriate actions which include:
A. Suspending the right of the Owner in question to use the Association’s recreational facilities;
B. Levying a charge in accordance with the provisions of the Governing Documents, including the Book of Regulations, and/or the Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act;
C. Referring the matter to legal counsel for appropriate action to secure compliance with the Association’s Legal Instruments;
D. As applicable and in accordance with Article VI, Section 2(b) of the Declaration, having the Association enter the property of the Owner in violation, correct the condition(s) which constitute        the violation and impose a Restoration Assessment upon the lot for the full costs incurred by the Association in correcting the violation.

Should the Owner receive an initial written notice of non-compliance for the same violation on two occasions within a twelve (12) month period, the third initial notice of non-compliance (and any subsequent initial notices for the same violation) shall call the Owner directly to a hearing before the BOT.

The changes to the restrictions for windows and doors are as follows:

  1. Under WINDOWS, the following restriction is  added: Grids, or mullions, are required in all windows. Exceptions may be granted by the ARB for decorative or casement windows or front door transoms and sidelights.
  2. Under DOORS, the following restriction is added:  Exterior doors (other than front doors, storm doors and garage doors) that are largely glass, will all have grids, with the exception of sliding glass doors.

All Owners should be familiar with the Design Guidelines, and Owners are responsible for ensuring any tenants are also aware of and abide by the Policy. Please direct questions to Management at Office@sully2.com.

Community Center and Management Office Closure

As a response to the rapidly evolving information regarding the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Sully Station II Community Association (SSIICA) is placing high priority on the safety and health of our residents and staff.

In an effort to mitigate the spread of the virus and to practice the CDC’s advice of “social distancing,” effective Monday, March 16, 2020 the Community Center and Management Office will be closed until further notice. The March 26, 2020 Board of Trustees meeting has also been cancelled. Management will still be available via email and phone during this period of closure. Most phone calls will be routed through the FirstService Customer Care Center which will be able to answer most questions. If questions cannot be answered by Customer Care the calls will be forwarded to a Member of our Management team and we will follow up with you as soon as possible. Important contact information can be found below.

All SSIICA forms and documents are available online at sully2.com. Email is preferred for the submittal of forms or documents to Management during this closure, however, there is a locked drop box located at the Community Center entrance that you may utilize as well. If you need to exchange a parking hang tag during this time, please email Management to coordinate a meeting. Pool Pass Applications will be accepted, but not processed during the closure.

Finally, we encourage you to avoid rumor, speculation and false information by researching information using credible sources, like the CDC web site at https://www.cdc.gov and the WHO website at www.who.int. Management will notify the community with office closure updates as we have them.

Important Contact Information:

Email: office@sully2.com

Office Phone: 703-266-2020

24 Hour Customer Care: 703-385-1133

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We hope everyone continues to remain safe and healthy.

Sully Station II Community Center Office Closure on Wednesdays Beginning May 15th, 2019

Please use the link below to see the letter from Sully Station II Board of Trustees regarding the closure of the community center office on Wednesdays. This will be effective Wednesday May 15th, 2019.

Office Closure Letter

SSIICA Highlights

SSIICA 2020 Meeting Schedules

For Board of Trustees and Architectural Review Board (ARB) and Activities Committee 2020 Meeting Schedules, click here.

Pool Rules and Regulations Revised

At the February 27, 2020 Sully Station II Community Association (SSIICA) Board of Trustees meeting, the Board approved changes to Policy Resolution No. 11, Use of Common Areas: Swimming Pool Rules. Please use this link to access the revised Policy: Policy Resolution No. 11, Use of Common Areas: Swimming Pool Policy.