Sully Station II Community Business Management Services

FirstService Residential is responsible for financial administration for the Association and for the administration and maintenance of the common areas of the community. The monthly homeowner assessment fee is used to pay for common services (including, but not limited to, maintenance of the grounds, legal counsel, annual audit, the Association’s master insurance policy, repairs to the common areas, trash pickup, and repair and replacement reserves for common and cluster facilities, such as the swimming pool, community center, cluster parking lot, etc.).

Sully Station II On-Site Management

FirstService Residential’s on-site Community Association Management staff consists of a full-time manager and a full-time assistant manager. They are on site at the community center:

5501 Sully Park Drive
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

If you need additional assistance, you can reach the FirstService Residential Customer Service line at 703-385-1133. This number is connected to an answering service and may be used to notify us of any emergencies that occur. Please remember that emergencies would be confined to common area problems, not problems with your home, which are the owner’s responsibility. When calling FirstService during normal business hours or using the emergency answering service, be certain to provide the name of your association.

Problems with Your Home

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the common areas owned by the Association. Individual owners are responsible for their own homes. FirstService will always be available to answer any questions requiring jurisdiction of responsibility.

Change of Address

Please be sure to notify The Sully Station Community Association Manager, in writing, if you relocate but do not sell your home. Providing this information to Community Association Manager is very important since, as an owner, you will continue to receive all pertinent information relating to the Association. A copy of any lease agreement with tenants is also required.

Selling Your Home

FirstService Residential automated information processing service includes resale transaction processing, completion of lender/mortgage questionnaires, property  inspection requests, Realtor reports, appraiser information, acquisition of governing documents and more. This new service significantly reduces response time and increases accuracy, while allowing the user to have complete and easily retrievable transaction histories. The only tool needed to use this new service is access to the Internet, follow the link below:

After registering as a user, orders can be requested and completed without the need for numerous faxes, phone calls, and/or follow up.

Association Insurance

Owner Requests

Information regarding the master policy please call USI Insurance Company 1-877-456-3643 or request information online at