Homeowner Assessment Fees / Monthly Dues Payments 

As a homeowner, you are obligated to pay a monthly assessment fee on time, which represents your share of the common expenses of the Association. The monthly fee is due on the first day of each month (not on the 15th of every month). Accounts overdue for more than fifteen (15) days will accrue a late fee of $20.00 and additional fees per the Governing Documents. The fee for the first full month following your settlement should have been collected in advance at settlement but it is your responsibility to register and pay your fee on time after that.

For on time payments and peace of mind, we strongly suggest to use the Automatic Payment program through ClickPay. Automatic Payments will debit your account the same day every month and will adjust the fee each year automatically. By using the Automatic Payment program you will never have to worry about paying on time and will not be late in payments! Best of all it’s free of charge, no coupons and postage to deal with! 


ClickPay FAQ

Automatic Payment Program

If you’d like to have your payments withdrawn automatically, simply use the link above (if you don’t have an account already you will need to create an account) and visit the Auto Pay tab in your account. Select your payment method, the month you would like your payments to start, and the day/frequency for your payments. You can set payments to run until canceled or have them run for any period of time.

Online Payments

To make your payments online for FREE by e-Check (ACH) from a bank account or by credit card for a fee, you can go directly to this website: Pay Here


If you do not already have a User ID and Password for the FSR Connect website account, you will need to sign up first.

Owner registration/owner access to CONNECT: Register Here

Owners/Problems in registering in CONNECT (Connect Registrations Team): Register.dcmetro@fsresidential.com (Provide the owner name and address)

Homeowner Assessments (Dues) Mailing

Coupons and mailing labels to be used when remitting your fee will be mailed to you as soon as possible following settlement. It is your responsibility to pay the monthly fee on time. Make your check for each fee payment payable to Sully Station II Community Association and mail it to the Association’s lock-box depository using the mailing labels provided. Please take into account that it may take up to 15 days to process your mailed in payments. Mailing address:

Sully Station II Community Association
c/o FirstService Residential
P.O. Box 62010
Newark, NJ 07101-8060

For information, questions or concerns related to the payment of your community association fee, call FirstService Residential Customer Service line at 703-385-1133.