Lost and Found Pets

The Sully Station II Neighborhood Watch helps owners and residents locate their pets if they are lost or a pet is found in our community. Losing a family pet can be a very frightening experience, but there are steps that can be taken to make sure pets stay safe, and are reunited to owners if lost.  To increase yor chance of getting your pet back, microchip your pet, and always keep current pictures and descriptions of your pet.

You can use this site to post a lost or found pet, and Neighborhood Watch can also send information out to their group email.

Email: dljenuleson@verizon.net.

If your pet is lost or you have found a pet please provide Neighborhood Watch with the following:
A good picture, description of pet – such as type of pet, color of pet, male or female, does the pet have a collar or microchip, unique markings, anything to help identify your pet.

Protecting Family Pet

  • As soon as you realize that your cat has gotten out, go out and look for it. Talk in the tone it is used to hearing, not screaming and yelling.
  • Keep food and water out at all times. Put food in several places within a block or so from your home.
  • Go out often to look – several times a day.
  • Make flyers, with the animals picture and distribute to neighbors.
  • Call your local veterinarians and let them know that you lost your cat.
  • Contact Neighborhood Watch and ask them to post on this website and through their email group distribution.
  • It is recommend that pet owners have their pets micro-chipped.  All animals brought to the Fairfax County Animal Shelter who have been lost are checked for microchips first to make reunions faster and smoother.

Steps to take when a pet is lost:

    • Don’t panic.
    • Contact Neighborhood Watch and be prepared to answer questions about the animal’s breed, size, description, and veterinary history.  Make sure to tell the person taking the report where the animal was lost, if it was not lost from a home address.
    • Look for the animal.  Most animals will respond to their owner’s call, even if the voice is far away.
    • Make a flyer (include a picture) to distribute to neighbors
    • Visit the Animal Shelter  website and fill out a Lost or Found Pet report.







Tan Cat is now being fostered by Fancy Cats.