Property Maintenance & Architectural Control/Review

Living in a planned community can provide many benefits. At the same time, it imposes certain restrictions on individual property rights, particularly with respect to the right of homeowners to change the appearance of their home and lot. It is important for homeowners to understand both how the Association is structured and operates and their rights and obligations as members of the Association. One way to achieve this is to review and retain the legal documents (Articles of Incorporation, Declaration of Covenants and Bylaws) which should have been provided to you at or prior to settlement. If you did not receive copies of these documents you should contact the seller to obtain them.

Comprehensive Inspections

As the Managing Agent, FirstService Residential conducts comprehensive inspections throughout the spring/summer months, as well as, follow-up inspections to ensure that properties are well maintained.  Below are the property maintenance standards. You can help keep costs down and protect property values by maintaining your lot and the exterior of your home in accordance with these standards. Please call the Association Office to report violations.  Also, friendly reminders will be placed at homes that need: mowing, to store their trash can properly or other miscellaneous issues that can be easily remedied in a timely manner.

Property Maintenance Standards

  1.  All portions of a lot which are not improved by an impervious surface or a structure must be maintained with grass (or other vegetation installed by a builder or approved by the Architectural Review Board). No bare earth may be exposed on a lot (except for flower beds or vegetable gardens with appropriate approvals as required).
  2. All turf areas on a lot must be kept neatly mowed during the growing season. Grass should not be permitted to exceed six (6) inches in height.
  3. Turf areas and other vegetation should be watered during dry periods. Any dead plants, shrubs or trees should be immediately removed.
  4. Turf areas should be kept as weed free as possible. At no time should weed cover exceed more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the total turf area.
  5. No trash or debris may accumulate or be stored in a visible location on a lot. Construction materials required for the improvement of a home or lot should be neatly stored in as unobtrusive a location on the lot as possible when not in use.
  6. All hedges, trees and shrubs must be neatly trimmed and maintained and their size maintained in proportion to the lot and home through pruning.
  7. The exterior of a home must be maintained in an attractive manner. No significant blistering or peeling of exterior painted surfaces is permitted.
  8. Any exterior building components (i.e. siding, gutters and downspouts, roof shingles, windows and doors) which are missing, broken or otherwise in a state or disrepair must be repaired as quickly as possible.

Architectural Controls

As described in the Association’s legal documents, virtually all external structural modifications or alterations to the exterior of your home or lot must be approved in advance by the Architectural Review Board. Please complete this form and send it back to the Sully Station II office prior to undertaking any such work. We will then forward the form to the Architectural Review Board for review. You will be notified, in writing, of the final decision.

Please be sure you have obtained any building permits that may be needed from Fairfax County before you begin any work. 

Architectural Review

The Architectural Review Board exists so that Sully Station II can remain a special place to live. Anyone wishing to make external changes to their property must meet the association requirements for modifications and submit an application before initiating work.

Architectural Review Process

  1. Read the Design Guidelines
  2. The Design Guidelines, as well as other legally binding documents, are provided to homeowners prior to closing on a house.  Please read the guidelines and application requirements carefully before submitting your application.
  3. Submit your application, along with any other required documentation to the management company. Incomplete information only delays your project.
  4. ARB Review
  5. The Board will review your application and perform any site inspections outlined in the association documents.  You will be contacted if the ARB has questions or if there are problems with your request. Note – the ARB enforces community guidelines but it is up to you to make sure you meet local permit requirements.
  6. Approval or Rejection
  7. You will be notified of the approval or rejection of your request.  If you have questions about the disposition, please contact your community manager.

Architectural Review Document &  Governing Documents

The declaration, bylaws, operating rules, articles of incorporation or other documents are what govern the operation of the association.  Association governing documents , communications, and forms are  available for review by all Sully Station II homeowners.  You can choose the type of document from the left navigation menu.  To sort by file name, type of document or date modified, click on the column header of the item you want to sort.