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The Sully Station II Pool complex is available to all residents in good standing with the association during the late spring and summer months between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

The Sully Station II Pool is distinguished by it’s balance of pool and common ground recreation areas.  In addition to the Olympic size swimming pool, there are 3 additional deck areas including a gazebo by the baby pool.  There is also a wealth of tables and chairs for resident picnics or snacking during break time as well as brand new sturdy chaise lounge chairs for relaxation.

As an added benefit, during the Summer of 2010 the Sully Station II Communications Committee added free Wi-Fi access for the pool area for residents.  This allows pool attendees to surf the internet on their laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Calm morning pool

The Sully Station II Pool complex is available to all residents in good standing with the association during the late spring and summer months between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Pool Hours

While school is in session
Monday through Friday 1PM to 8PM
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays 11AM to 8PM

During summer break
Monday through Friday 11 AM to 8 PM
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays** 10 AM to 8 PM

**Note: The facility will close at 6 PM on July 4th

Sully II Pool Furniture

Pool Furniture

The Sully Station II HOA is continually making updates to our commercial grade pool furniture to enhance the experience of residents and guests.  In 2018 Sully II purchased a number of chaise lounge chairs, tables and umbrellas.

Pool Facility Privileges

All unit owners (or their designated tenants) are entitled to use the swimming pool facility. This privilege may be suspended by the Board of Trustees for owners who are delinquent in their monthly dues for two (2) months. Unit owners who lease their unit must desig­nate, in writing, using a form authorized by the Association, those tenants living in the unit who are entitled to use the community facilities, including the swimming pool and tennis courts.

Pool Facility Passes

A facilities pass will be issued to all unit owners, members of their families residing in the unit, and to the designated tenants of unit owners.  There will be a charge for any replacement facilities passes issued. The initial charge shall be $5.00 which amount may be adjusted by the Board at any time by a General Resolution. Only those persons with a valid facilities pass shall be entitled to use the swimming pool and other community facilities. Facilities passes will be issued or validated on an annual basis prior to the beginning of the swimming season.

Facilities passes are the property of the Association and are for the exclusive use of residents of the Sully Station II Community Association. The passes are not transferable and may be suspended by the Association for violations of the Association’s legal documents or rules and regulations.

Pool Guests

Guests of Sully Station II residents must be escorted by a resident with a valid Guest Pass who is sixteen years of age or older and must have a guest pass. Guests will not be admitted to the pool without such escort except for babysitters accompanying resident children if the parent or guardian has signed a waiver of liability form approved by the Association which will release the Association from any liability. The conduct of guests is the responsibility of the escort.  The daily guest limit is 5, which can be restricted on a day that the pool is overcrowded.

One guest card is given out for free to each resident household with 10 visits on that card.  Additional guest passes are $10 each ($1 per visit).

The Board of Trustees shall establish, by General Resolution any regulations concerning the number of guests that may be admitted to the pool at any time and fees, if any, which shall be charged for the admittance of guests. The Board may from time to time modify such regulations by adoption of a General Resolution.

Pool Umbrellas

Pool Management Company

NV Pools is Sully Station II’s pool management company.  The pool management company oversees the maintenance and operations of Sully Station II pool and Pool Staff/Guards during the summer pool season.

Swimming Lessons

NV Pools Swim Lessons

Be part of the team, feel and be safe, build self confidence with Swim Lessons provided by NV Pools.   For more information about swimming lessons and registration please call their office at 703-968-8800.

You can also visit their website at

Pool Events 

Find a list of events like our announcements on the Home or Calendar pages.

Aerial View of Sully Station II’s Pool Grounds


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Policy Resolution No. 11, Use of Common Areas: Swimming Pool Policy