Sully Station II Committees


Board of Trustees 

“The Board” is the decision-making authority, which acts as the executive leader of the Association. The Board is authorized to make decisions except for those areas where the legal documents specifically reserve this prerogative for the Association membership. The Board of Trustees consists of seven elected homeowners. The Annual Meeting is held each year for the Board election. The Board meets the 4th Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. 

Architectural Review Board

This Board performs its legally mandated functions in a conscientious, workmanlike manner. They review architectural review applications, review the community design guidelines and make recommendations for changes to the BOT.  The Board strives to ensure homes maintain a “like new” appearance by supporting enforcement efforts and communicating to homeowners in a positive, yet firm, manner.  This Board has five appointed members.

Architectural Review Board Charter

Architectural Review Committee – Estates

This committee consists of 3-5 elected members to serve on the Estates Architectural Review Committee in accordance with their Supplementary Declaration and performs their legally mandated functions with determination.  This includes reviewing all architectural review applications for the Estate homes only.  They also review the design guidelines when needed and make recommendations for revisions.

Architectural Review Committee Estates Charter

Financial Review and Budget Committee

This committee reviews all service proposals, contracts and recommends community goals for projects/improvements for Board approval.  The committee also helps prepare, with assistance from management staff, the annual budget always emphasizing value without compromising services.

Financial Review & Budget Committee Charter

Communications Committee

This committee was newly formed in 2010 for the purposes of maintaining and enhancing community communications to ensure Sully Station II Residents stay well informed.  Several years ago, the Board elected to discontinue the publishing and mailing of the monthly community newsletter and place all forms of communication on the Sully Station II website, except for those legally required to be sent via first class mail.  In 2014 the Newsletter returned as “Sully II Times” and is published on the Sully Station II website and distributed via email to residents who opt in.

Communications Committee Charter

Elections Committee

This Elections Committee is appointed by the Board prior to each annual meeting in order to assist in the solicitation of nominees for available Board positions and to coordinate the elections process.

Elections Committee Charter

The Activities Committee:

The Social Committee plans, organizes and hosts the many traditional community events. These events include, but are not limited to a Chili Dinner/ Bingo Night in February, a Spring Fling/Egg Hunt in April, Pool Social Mixer in June, the Wine Club which meets every other month Sept/Nov/Jan/March/May/July, Open House Holiday Tree Trimming event and Breakfast with Santa.  Other alternate events that can be coordinated if time permits and volunteers are available : Children’s Clothing & Toy sale, Community-wide Yard Sale.   This committee consists of 6 members some of whom have served for over 19 years.

Activities Committee Charter