Grounds Maintenance & Snow Removal


Landscape & Grounds Maintenance

The Association provides landscape maintenance service for all general and townhome neighborhood common areas, which are deeded, to the Association. In addition, the Association performs maintenance of the landscaped public streets rights of ways within the community. Home owners are responsible for the maintenance of their own landscaping; common elements would be the responsibility of the association.

Pooper Scooper Stations

Be a scooper, not a pooper!

One of the great things about Sully Station II is the abundance of grassy common areas in the neighborhood that are used by our residents and their pets. There are 18 pet stations throughout the Sully Station II Community. In order to keep these areas clean for everyone’s use, it is important for all pet owners to make sure they pick up after their pets when going for walks. It is never a welcome surprise when someone comes across the droppings left behind by neglectful pet owners.

Please remember to pick up after your pets when taking them for walks. Leaving pet droppings is not only unsanitary, but also against Fairfax County regulations.  Please be a scooper, not a pooper.

Snow Plowing Information

The Association’s responsibilities regarding snow plowing are described below:

Townhome Neighborhoods

The Association is responsible for plowing snow in all the townhome neighborhood streets and parking areas. Residents are responsible for removing snow directly behind their vehicles. Some additional accumulation of snow behind your vehicles should be expected when the plow truck pushes snow (this cannot be avoided as they cannot risk damage to vehicles).

Single-Family Home Streets

All streets in the single-family home sections are the responsibility of VDOT. If you need snow plowing on any of the state dedicated streets in the single-family home sections, please call VDOT Toll-Free at 1-800-367-7623. You can also visit VDOT’s Website at or for Snow Removal info for Single Family state maintained streets. The Association does not plow snow from the pipe stems.  The individual owners who share the common roads (pipe stems) are responsible for their own snow plowing.


The Association is not responsible for plowing or removing snow from any sidewalks, except the Community Center sidewalk. Efforts will be made to clear sidewalks at the school bus stops only after VDOT has plowed their roads. As a courtesy and safety precaution for students, snow will be removed from the sidewalk along Sully Park Drive from Stone Road to Braddock Road on the Ormond Stone School side only, once VDOT has cleared snow from Sully Park Drive.

*New Concrete – If you have had common area sidewalks replaced adjacent to your home within the past 2 years please DO NOT use salt on the new concrete.  You can use either sand, kitty litter or stone dust.*

Fire Hydrants

Residents who have a fire hydrant near their home can help by clearing snow from around the hydrant so that it will be visible to the fire department. This small effort could be a lifesaver!  The less time they spend in trying to locate a fire hydrant will benefit those who need their services. Let’s all work together in protecting our families, our homes, and our community.

Snow Plowing Contractor

The contractor will begin plowing automatically once there is an accumulation of two (2) inches of snow reported at on property. Streets and driving lanes will be plowed first. Parking spaces will be plowed if there is ample room for the equipment. Sanding of streets and parking lots will be done automatically once the plowing is completed (if conditions dictate). We thank you in advance for your patience during the snow plowing process.

If you need to report issues or concerns about the snow plowing please call the Association Office at 703-266-2020 or the Customer Service line at 703-385-1133.

We wish everyone a safe and fun winter season!