Town Home Parking Enforcement for Townhome Sections

Parking Overview

All vehicles parked within the mixed townhome sections are issued 2 hanging tags and must comply with the Parking rules and regulations of the Sully Station II Community Association.  

Between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., daily  (7 days a week, including holidays) all vehicles parked within the cluster common area parking lots must display a valid section hanging tag issued by the Association. Any such vehicle that does not display a valid Sully Station II section hanging tag during the above specified hours will be subject to towing, at the vehicle owner’s risk and expense, without prior warning.

All vehicles, whether owned by residents or visitors of residents, must park within their specific cluster common area designated by the Association’s site plan. Vehicles parked within their assigned reserved cluster area must also display their valid section hanging tag during designated hours.

Any such vehicle that parks within any other cluster common area will be subject to towing at the vehicle owner’s risk and expense.  The cluster parking permits have a number to indicate which cluster the permit is issued for.  Residents must park in the corresponding section number, which is painted on the curb of the parking space.  (i.e., There are two sets of numbers on the parking permit. If the last  number on the hanging tag is number “2”, you need to park in a Section “2” parking cluster parking space)

Policy Resolution No. 07, Vehicle Policy

General Resolution No. 1 Parking Rules and Regulations

Towing Services

Battlefield Towing is contracted with Sully Station II to tow any unauthorized vehicle that is in violation of Policy Resolution No. 7 or General Resolution No. 1.

If your car has been towed or you want to report a car for towing you can contact them at 703-378-0059.